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Should I Get a Dog?

You've got a busy schedule. You've got tons on your plate right now. You've just moved. You've just gotten a new job. The scenarios are endless, but the main question you are asking is, "Should I get a dog?" The answer is always going to be YES! And here's why:

1. Dogs are therapeutic. Seriously. I'm certain there are studies that have shown how just petting a dog can bring peace and happiness into your life. Look at all the healthcare facilities now using therapy dogs to brighten patients' days! Who is the only one that you can reveal your deepest darkest secrets to, cry to about stress at work, eats your crust when you don't want it, stays right by your side and never, ever judges you? YOUR DOG!

2. If reason #1 wasn't enough, I guess we will have to continue. They make you feel safe. With a lab or a golden retriever around, you'll always feel better! Even if they aren't trained to attack, and they would probably turn into mush as soon as "said attacker" even spoke a tiny bit of "baby talk" to them... the look of the dog makes a criminal think twice before approaching you.

3. They attract. Maybe you are looking for a date - just get a dog and head to the park and every girl or guy will be talking to you. I cannot guarantee they will be cute, but it's better than some random swipe on Tinder.

4. Active. You've been wanting to lose a few pounds. Get a dog. Go for a jog, throw the frisbee or play fetch. If you have a dog that's not trained, you'll chase it for hours and lose lots of weight. Win Win.

5. Endless love. As I'm writing this, our lab is standing by my husband wagging his tail with so much excitement, his whole body is moving left to right, left to right, left to right. That tail is hitting everything in sight. No matter what, he aims to please and is ready to love. Only One other can love you more than your dog and that is Jesus Christ. Romans 5:8 says "For God commendeth His love toward us in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us." While we were sinners! That's huge! He died for us. Not the clean us. Not the I've got it all together us. The sinful, deceitful and bound for Hell us. Not so that we would remain in that sin, but so that we could live an abundant life full of joy for His glory! That is endless love!

Bottom line - get a dog. They're pretty awesome.

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