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Bringing a new puppy home at 6 - 8 weeks-old certainly has its challenges. There’s quite a bit of work involved with obedience training, socializing, and potty training a new puppy. For families with busy schedules, or families that just desire to get their puppy home with the initial training already acquired, our training program is designed for YOU!

If you’ve ever added a new puppy to your family, you know the first few weeks require a lot of time training your new puppy to adjust and live in their new home. For us, we can’t imagine any home being complete without those furry family members who are so eager to please. A family member that really doesn’t require much, but gives their all to bring joy and fulfillment to a family or an individual. No matter the circumstances a day may bring, there’s always that faithful companion who can’t wait to give you their love when you get home.

Unique Tailored Program


With "Tailored to You", we take training classes a step further than just a few basics. Not only do we want to provide your puppy with a solid foundation of socialization, crate training, basic commands and good behavior, we want to do our best to “tailor” your new puppy to your family’s lifestyles and hobbies. That’s what makes our training program so unique. A training program that we believe gives your puppy a tremendous advantage before he or she makes the transition to your home.

All of our training focuses on positive reinforcement and repetition. Puppies are rewarded each time they get it right, and with their inner desire to please, they soon desire the trainers praise as their reward. 



When you choose to adopt one of our puppies from Wildcat Hollow Retrievers, early enrollment into our training program is recommended, as we’re only able to train a few puppies from each litter. We spend a great deal of time (day & night) working with each puppy enrolled in our puppy training program.

If you choose to enroll your puppy in one of our training programs, we’ll want to discuss the many aspects of your family’s lifestyle and hobbies. This will help us “tailor” your new puppy to your family as best we can. For example, will your new family member often be around water? We have several creeks and a shallow river on our farm that we often take our dogs to play in. If you’re family has a pool, or frequents the lake or river, we’ll make sure your puppy spends a lot of time around the water before going to his/her new home. Or, are you planning on having your new puppy become a hunting companion? If so, we’ll slowly introduce them to the sound of a firearm being discharged. Do you enjoy your Saturdays by taking a ride on the UTV? We’ll spend a lot of time with them riding around the farm in the back of a UTV to get used to the movement, noise and wind in their hair. Besides the training listed within our 12-week program and 16-week program, these are just a few of the “extra” training goals that make our puppy training program unique.

What's Included

You’ll also receive emails with puppy training tips, instructions on how to continue your puppy's training and videos of your puppy throughout the training process. You'll see your puppy’s progress and receive information concerning your puppy, such as crate training progress, veterinarian visits, weight gain, etc.


Puppies enrolled in our training program will also go to their new home with the following items:


  • crate

  • collar and leash

  • TLC Whole Life Dog Food

  “When you tailor something to the needs of others, you are adjusting what you do to best suit them rather than taking a general approach.”


That’s the goal of our training program at Wildcat Hollow Retrievers. Our “Tailored to You” puppy training program gives the puppy and his/her new family the absolute best start to a great life.

Because of the time involved training puppies for our new puppy families, we only train our puppies.

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After completing our training program, Bella made it to her new home with the Bramucci family. Alex had this to say after her first night:

"She did great her first night, she slept all night I think. She didn't cry at all when we put her in the crate. No accidents in the crate either. She is doing great!"

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