"Tailored to You"



6 - Week


“When you tailor something to the needs of others, you are adjusting what you do to best suit them rather than taking a general approach.”

Puppies enrolled in our puppy training program begin their training at 6 weeks of age and remain until they are 12 weeks. Trainer will use verbal commands, as well as hand signals on certain commands such as sit, stay, down, etc.

Here's what's included in our 6 - Week Puppy Training Program:

  • Eye Contact (teaching the puppy to maintain eye contact with the trainer)

  • Sit

  • Stay

  • Come / or Here

  • Down (teaching the puppy to lay down)

  • Off (teaching the puppy not to jump up on someone or something)

  • No (teaching the puppy to recognize when they are doing something they shouldn’t)

  • Retrieve (teaching the puppy the basics of retrieving: throwing a toy or a Frisbee and having the puppy retrieve it)

  • Drop it (teaching the puppy to release the object they have retrieved, or an object they may have in their mouth)

  • Walking well on a leash (walking on a leash without pulling or tugging)

  • Teaching them to recognize and respond to their new name

  • Teaching the puppy to go up and down stairs

  • Socialized to be around young children, adults & young adults, as well as other dogs

  • Conditioned to be comfortable riding in a vehicle, riding in a UTV, and playing in and around water (weather permitting)

  • Conditioned to various noises such as vacuum cleaners, thunderstorms, television and radio noise, gunfire (if requested), city sounds, and more

  • Crate trained to sleep in his/her crate without crying and pottying in the crate (although accidents can occur in a puppy younger than 6 months of age, but they should be very minimal)

  • Conditioned to grooming: bathing, brushing, nail clipping, teeth brushing with a finger brush, ear cleaning, and blow drying (although blow drying can still make them a little nervous until they are older)

Once you have decided on the training program for your new puppy, we'll talk with you one-on-one to discuss "tailored" options that fit with your family's lifestyle, hobbies and schedule. 

Our 6 and 10 - week puppy training programs are a great foundation for your puppy before they transition to their new home. Since they are still young when they go to their new home, it’s important for their new family to continue the training with short training sessions at home. The bulk of the initial training has been accomplished, but they are still puppies and continuing to learn new things. You want them to stay grounded in what they’ve been taught, and continuing their training with short sessions each week, will reinforce what they’ve already learned. Prior to you bringing your puppy home, we’ll make sure you have all of the information and instruction you need to continue with short training sessions by going over the information with you and providing you with instructional videos.

In addition, our puppies are hand raised and receive early neurological stimulation from birth through their first few weeks of life. Our puppies are wormed at 2, 4, 6, 8 weeks of age. Training prices include appropriate age shots and visits to the veterinarian.

6 - Week "Tailored to You" Puppy Training Program

Pricing: $2,000 

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