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Faith to Grow On...

Here on the farm, it's easy to get caught up in lots of work. There's always something to do, some project to work on, and a task to check off the to-do list. But every evening, Shaun and I stop what we are doing, grab a cup of coffee, and sit in the rockers on the back porch. There are days this view just takes our breath away. The hills, the valley, the trees, the birds, the wildlife, the beautiful colors splashed across the sky as the sun sets, it's clear to see God's glory on display. 

We are a family of faith, believing in Jesus Christ as our Savior. We are every day people with a goal to glorify God in all we do. When we aren't on the farm with our dogs, serving with our brothers and sisters in Christ at Highland Hills Baptist Church, you can find us working on projects for Lifeword and our BMAA Missions Department. Want to know more? Check out these great organizations we support through our Baptist Missionary Association. 


I love writing and sharing stories, and Lifeword Ministries gave me a unique opportunity to be a blog writer for them. I was shocked and humbled, to say the least, that the Lord would want someone like me, a nobody, to share His name through my story. I've served as a Board Member with them as they make decisions about ministry efforts in the future, and now have joined their amazing team to make Jesus Christ's name known to the ends of the earth. If you are a hunter or fisherman, you might also enjoy a new show Shaun has been working on for social media. He shares his love for the outdoors and the Lord in a fun way on "Outdoors with Shaun Merrell". A new show comes out on the 1st and the 15th of every month.

We love what this organization is able to accomplish and choose to financially support this ministry with every litter born. We would love for you to learn more about this organization that uses multiple media outlets to share the gospel across the globe in more than 165 languages throughout the world. Check out what Lifeword is doing and pray about financially supporting them as well.

Mission World TV

Mission World Magazine has been around for a long time, sharing with readers the struggles, stories, and praises from our missionaries throughout the world. In 2020, seeing the need for reaching people through new media outlets, Mission World TV was launched. We now produce a monthly show highlighting a missionary to share their story through social media. We'd love for you to check out the monthly videos. As you watch and read, let the Lord speak to your heart about supporting missions and those that are in the field, sharing the name and hope of Jesus Christ to a lost world.


Check out our blog of things that happen on the farm, daily life applications of the scriptures, and ways that we can all have faith to grow on. 

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