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Training Your Puppy

How do I get my puppy to listen to me? How do I get my puppy to walk on a lead without pulling me? I need help potty training my puppy!

If you've been asking these questions, I promise, you aren't alone! We are here to help!

Do you know about our Tailored to You training program? At Wildcat Hollow Retrievers, we have a couple of options to fit your timeline and needs. This unique program helps to make the transition from our house to yours a little easier. Through 6 or 10 weeks of training, puppies are introduced to a variety of experiences, environments and activities that are tailored to your lifestyle. They receive basic commands like sit, stay, down and hold, as well as learning their name and eye contact. Our puppies are also introduced to loud noises. Golden Retrievers especially can be timid if not introduced to loud noises at an early age.

Here are some noises that we work to introduce to our puppies through our training:

- vacuum - cats meowing - dogs barking

- door bell - city noises (cars honking) - airplanes/helicopters

- car or truck - construction - fireworks

- knocking - garbage disposal - gunshots

- babies crying - people talking - & MORE

Early introduction is key to getting your puppy desensitized to noises they might hear on a daily basis wherever you live. We also work on crate comfort. This is getting the puppy comfortable with the crate at night. They will begin to feel like this is their safe place and won't mind being in the crate when needed. Our goal is to minimize accidents in the crate at night by the time they come home to you. We also work on establishing the location for using the bathroom. We use one word commands like "Outside" or "Bathroom". As we work with the puppy throughout the training program, they are rewarded for doing their business in the proper place.

They won't be completely house broken, of course, because that takes them being familiar with the layout of your home. But they will catch on pretty quickly as you continue your routine and commands of the foundation that's already been laid. Before beginning the training, we will go through a questionnaire with you to determine several things, one of which is what your normal routine is like and then we do our best to mimic that routine.

This is just the tip of the iceberg with what we offer in our Tailored to You program. We'd love for you to read more about it. In an effort to give the best quality of attention to our training puppies, we do have limited spots available. We are booking spots for our upcoming Fall/Winter litters and our Spring litters as well.

With limited spots for this program, we understand that our puppy families may still be in need of training help at home. That's why we partner with Baxter & Bella. This organization offers tons of helpful videos and tips to help you with stopping bad habits, potty training, commands and more! They have one on one help and coaching groups as well. There is something for everyone. And you're one time fee guarantees you for a lifetime of access to their resources!

Because you've visited our site, we want to offer you a 25% discount for their services too. If you're interested in checking out more, follow this link and use the code WILDCAT.


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