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"Friend of the 

Hills and Valleys"

Koda is a beautifully well-structured boy, with a great personality and
performance drive to work hard in the field, or just play in the yard. He comes
from a long line of Show Champions, as well as Hunting and Retriever Champions.
Looking back through Koda’s 5 generation pedigree, 41 of his 62 ancestors have
achieved the title of Champion, with many winning multiple awards. He also has several Champions and International Champions from countries throughout Europe such as Great Britain, Finland, France, and others. Even the 1998 World Winner Tawastway’s Fooling Around, and his son 1999 Junior World Winner Strongline’s Cooling Around are within his 5 generation pedigree.


His father, “Falco De L’Etang Balancet”, has achieved numerous awards in the
show ring and field trials, earning the titles of Junior Champion, Champion, and
Grand Champion of the Czech Republic. Falco is an International Champion, and
has earned several awards in hunt trials. Since arriving in the states a short time
ago, he has competed in AKC sanctioned events, and only needs a few points
before he achieves the rank of AKC Champion. Falco hails from the well-known
kennel in France, L’Etang Balancet, who was the top Labrador Retriever Breeder in
France for 12 consecutive years. Falco is an exceptional black male, exhibiting
characteristics of a quality English Labrador Retriever. Koda has inherited these qualities with his striking good looks and intelligence.

Koda’s mother, “Nika Memsunshine”, is a Grand Champion of Russia, Champion
of Russia, Champion of the National Club of Breed of Russia, and Champion of the
RKF. Her ancestors derive from some of the most famous kennels throughout
Europe such as Rocheby, Sandylands, and Poolstead - foundation kennels known
for producing numerous English Show Champions that exhibit the desirable type
and traits that truly define an extraordinary English Labrador. Their lines are also
known for excelling as hunting and working dogs. Nika's dual purpose pedigree
leaves little doubt of her exceptional quality, and she has passed these qualities
along to her son.

Classic English Labrador Retriever
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Classic English Labrador Retrievers
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